Today I was talking with some school kids in a science workshop. I was asking them some questions and they were asking me some questions and in all this a really smart girl gets up and asks me what has been the biggest day of my life?

(How smart, I thought. But then the teacher tells me that its inspired by some talk show on the TV. And I say fair enough.)

So whatever. I scratched my head a lot, took a deep breath and told her something I deeply believe in. The big day in my life is still to come. And there is going to be not one, but many. Yes. There are going to be BIG days in my life, girl. BIG DAYS!

In the search of a new soul...

Dreams that vanished fore my eyes,
into a world I thought was another,
leaving a grey melancholy behind,
that I now so much desire.

Far far away, the sky still calls,
to revive, rekindle,
but the clouds, partisan to the grief
say- all a swindle.

Not deep within,
the dreams , the world, the tumult galore, n'
I keep walking in the search of a new soul,
in the search of a new soul...