Value of Knowledge and Science

Knowledge is of no real value if all it can tell us what happened yesterday. It is necessary to tell what will happen tomorrow -not only necessary, but fun. All you have to do is just stick your neck out.

The Meaning of it All
Richard Feynman

Imagination and Science

It is surprising that people do not believe there is imagination in science. It is a very interesting kind of imagination, unlike that of an artist. The great difficulty is in trying to imagine something that you have never seen, that is consistent with what has already been seen, and that is different from what has been thought of; furthermore, it must be definite and not a vague proposition. That is indeed difficult.

The Meaning of it All
Richard Feynman


If I get a chance, Would I give any sort of ready-made equality to everyone?

Yes. I would like to make everyone free of survival as the reason to do anything. Anything but survival will do. Survival seems like such a cheap reason to do anything.

Do you remember the beggar on the signal who asks you for a rupee or a gajarewali mulagi who pleads you to buy one even when you dont want to or a chaiwala on the bus stand who wakes up at 4 in the morning or come closer- your son terribly studying because he needs good grades to survive in this 'bad' world or still closer- you doing extrawork in the office just to please your boss when you really would have been enjoying a hot coffee at your home.

What is common in these cases is they are all doing something that is forced on them- no choice you see. And the reason is a percieved danger to your survival. How realistic it is I have no idea. But it is a percieved danger.

Chillax kid. You might say. No need to make it so harsh. Thats Life! You might want to say just in case even you start seeing survival is a cheap reason. Makes you somehow uncomfortable, does it?

I deny accepting life like this. Are we living in THE fear? (Whatever happened to good ol' "Fuck fear, drink beer" btw.) The question is- can you refuse to live like this? Can the boy at the signal refuse to live like this?

Thats why I want to help you. (It is sounding cheaper than survival. Sometime later, I ll tell you whats in it for me) I want a world where everyone can chose how he wants to survive. You will have to take the trouble to find another reason to do things then. (Its not so easy at it sounds)
To start with- how about because you like something?

learn, relearn and unlearn

The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn


Beauty! Sounds like a deep philosophical idea, right? Specially, when you are looking at a clear dark sky, countless stars, a crescent moon and the Venus; just before the God of the east will command them to dissolve in his brightness. Divinely beautiful! I am captivated.

I come back and set to capture this beauty in words on my blog. And I stumble. I just cannot describe how beautiful it was. I cannot because I do not know why is it so beautiful? Or even, what do I mean by it is beautiful? I cannot define what I mean by beauty. Perhaps, I am too much influenced by the image that has been shaped by years of my nurture- that sky, those stars, the moon, the Venus. It has to be beauty.

And then I remember what I had talked with someone long back. Is beauty something that gives me visual pleasure? Just a physiological response! (Kill me, O! charming Venus!) Does it really matter? Does it somehow make it less beautiful? To understand that it might be a physiological response. Plain and pure pleasure!

Is this feeling any different than seeing the vehicle lights reflecting from poles on the road, steam from the hot cup of tea, the sunlight slowly pouring in or just thinking of this question- Why is it all so beautiful?

SEZ policy: excerpts

SEZs- leading to the growth of labour intensive manufacturing industry: Out of the 404 formal approvals given till date, 137 approvals are for sector specific and multi product SEZs for manufacture of Textiles & Apparels, Leather Footwear, Automobile components, Engineering etc.. which would involve labour intensive manufacturing. The employment projected in the 172 SEZs notified so far is over 2142,089 additional jobs. SEZs are thus going to lead to creation of employment for large number of unemployed rural youth. Nokia and Flextronics electronics hardware SEZs in Sriperumbudur are already providing employment to 7932 and 2069 persons, majority of which are women. Hyderabad Gems SEZ for Jewellery manufacturing in Hyderabad has already employed 1200 girls majority of whom are from landless families, after providing training to them. They have a projected direct employment for about 30,000 persons. Apache SEZ being set up in Andhra Pradesh will employ 20, 000 persons to manufacture 10,00,000 pairs of shoes every month. Current employment in Apache SEZ is 3549 persons. Brandix Apparels, a Sri Lankan FDI project would provide employment to 60,000 workers over a period of 3 years. Even in the services sector, 12.5 million sq meters space is expected in the IT/ITES SEZs which as per the NASSCOM standards translates into 12.5 lakh jobs. It is, therefore, expected that establishment of SEZs would lead to fast growth of labour intensive manufacturing and services in the country.