primary education-beginning of a eternal journey of learning

A few days back I visited an exhibition on primary education and some innovative and play-way methods of learning for kids in kg through say 3 std.

It raised some questions in my mind regarding learning specially in kids. I am putting some of the basic ideas in the exhibition along with the qustions it raised.

1. Large part of learning in kids is based on imitation of people in their surroundings.
Are we providing kids individuals worth imitating?

A very interesting example is-(even from my own experience)- parents ask their kids to exercise regularly, when they themselves do not...this is very funny; when you want your kid to exercise he should see you exercising daily...otherwise why will he listen to you?

2. Students (now here i mean students from primary to even university level) start liking imitation, rather it becomes a habit with them, than creativity at some stage...are we as a society really creating an environment which fosters creativity?

3. After the primary stage onwards children start spending more time in school or rather the school starts becoming a more influential factor in learning and overall mental and emotional growth... so emphasis should be on creating an appropriate environment in school... it should not remain just a source of curricular knowledge...

4. And a comment on role of play in learning. I will quote J D Watson, who discovered the structure of DNA.

[b]" All we had to do was to construct a set of molecular models and begin to play-with luck it would be a helix"[/b]

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