I just had a nightmare.

I was walking along a narrow path which seemed to be the circumference of a circle. There were people walking with me. People of all kinds. Some tall-some dwarf, some walked fast-some just trudged along, people with colorful dresses-people with sullen faces. We all walked along the circle.

Soon we reached an intersection. Bored by walking along the same road, I turned. Some people turned with me, some continued, some took the next turn. I could see faces adding, faces subtracting.

Some time passed and there was yet another crossing. I changed the path again. Sometimes I let the crossing go and continue. Soon I realised that there were nothing but intersecting circles.

I began to wonder "Why were we all here?".
I asked the man walking besides me. And he kept mum. Then I asked the next one and then the next and the next. And they all kept mum.

I was beginning to feel tired. However now the curiosity had taken over me. I was getting more and more determined to know the answer. I kept walking till I no longer remembered how many circles I had crossed.

Then for the first time I saw an amazing thing. At the centre of what seemed to be the largest circle I saw a man standing. His face had a divine glow. And he seemed to be the one who knew everything.

I shouted across to him "Hey! Do you know why are we all here. Walking along these circles."

He smiled and sublimed into the space.


mandar said...


Rohit said...

Interesting one ...
reminds me of Geeta ... or Matrix ... not sure ... perhaps both.

Purpose behind the existence. that's a classic question but has a classic answer also ... you are here because you should be here. someone wants you here - now it is upto you to find out that 'someone' and do what you are supposed to do.

you have made the choice ... already. just need to understand that.

this is called karm-yog :)

Rashmi said...

this is interesting..
proves the existence of sm1 who knows all.. wen u see Him, in dreams or in perception, its proven there.. maybe because all God is, is a figment of human imagination.. all He is, is a belief..
reiterating to your dream, i think.. a wonderful nightmare to have.. and wats even more amazing about it, is the serious thought you can give a dream.. plus, how your mind can process abstract things.. its an art very few understand, and appreciate more so.. the day you give such a thing serious thought, you knw you wanna find out why you exist.. why you are the way you are.. and why you have only specific people around you, why not the others and more such abstract questions..
and then, you begin to realise the objectivity in the abstract..

saur said...
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