Education System

Now I am trying to identify how close we are to such an education system.

I am reading the National Policy on Education (1986, revised in 1992). According to the NPE the essence and role of education (among others) is to-

1. Create individuals with scientific temper and an independent mind and spirit.
2. Create manpower for all levels of economy and Research and Development.

“Education is an investment for the present and future. This cardinal principle is the key to the National Policy on Education”

2 points are very notable-
1. Absence of focus on creating able individuals to achieve the above goals. There is no discussion on what qualities must such an individual have and how education can help achieve them. The education policy seems to focus on the social and developmental goals that education has to meet in general.
2. And if education is seen as an investment, what are the criteria to judge the returns and does the education policy ensure the returns.
The specific aims of higher education have been identified as-

1. Dissemination of specialised knowledge and skills.
2. Producing teachers for the system.

I can identify 3 components (in hierarchy) for achieving these goals-

1. A proper organization of higher education institutes and coordination amongst
2. Infrastructural facilities in these institutes.
3. Efficiency of the grass root teaching and learning process.

Obviously, problems persist in all the 3 components and absence of any one component can lead to severe impediment of the output.

Being a student the teaching and learning process is the closest to me. I will try to identify the problems with this component.

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