Beautiful Country, Beautiful People and Us

Hi folks,

We all have come together with the dream of a beautiful country.And we agree that a beautiful country will be created by beautiful people.
What do we mean by beautiful people? Let me ask you to do this. Just try to remember the last time you were completely absorbed into something.Anything as mundane as writing a code, making a presentation, or reading an inspirational biography or maybe dreaming of a house you would like to build... Have you ever felt the excitement that comes whenyou are absorbed into something wonderfully creative?
Thats what I mean by beautiful people. Who are constantly doing something creative, something that willmake a difference, to them or to someone else. And they love what they do, they are completely absorbed in the work. No other thoughts, khana-pina sab chod ke just trying to achieve that single thing.

I had the chance to meet two such beautiful persons today.

Suraj is in Class 8 at Manavya. When we reached Manavya today, he and two other kids were sitting on thefloor with thermacol, cardboards, colors, scissors, wooden pieces... When I asked Suraj what was he doing,he told me that they were building the model of an Restaurant. He told me that it would be a garden restaurantwith a stream flowing in the mid. There will be a bridge on the stream. Food will be served in cottages surrounded by trees; there would be benches to sit and an area where you can dance. If you want you can havea candle light dinner or just sit on the grass and enjoy a picnic snack. He was completely absorbed while describing all these things to me and so was I. I immediately asked him whether he could build a college for me.He said yes and then we discussed our plans to do it. Suraj would probably become a wonderful architect.

Tushar is in Calss 10. He writes beautiful poems. Here is the one he wrote yesterday.

अंतराळाची सफ़र ही भारी
ग्रहांची दिशा ही न्यारी

अनेक यंत्रांचा शोध लागला
अनेक तंत्रांचा शोध लागला

अंतराळाची सफ़र....

शोध लागला बुध-नेपच्युनचा
शोध लागला आकाश पाताळाचा

अंतराळाची सफ़र...

You should have seen the glow in his eyes when I was reading the poems to other kids. Tushar would probably become a fabulous writer.

Todays experience made me realise that we have an amazing chance to help build beautiful humans. Humans who would love their work by all their heart. I see this as a challnge in front of us. To help children explore what they like, to help them to nurture their passions and to help them develop into beautiful humans.
(And btw this has nothing to do with their being HIV +ve. We need to build a beautiful human out of every kid.)

Tell me your ideas about how can we help Suraj and Tushar achieve their dreams. Lets share this challenge!

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