Are we bound by an image that we create of ourselves and the world? A comfort zone? How can we come out of it? And do what people call "unleash the potential"? What is the activation energy thats needed - A 'zalak' of what lies beyond?

Was talking to my cousin. He was fresh out of a relations training course his company had organized. And he tells me that people always have that spark inside somewhere, the spark to go beyond. I always thought that the spark is rare. Perhaps it is present in everyone, hidden to various extents. (As I write this, I wonder if I am rediscovering what people are speaking all the time the world over. But if it is so, I dont see it happening - the ignitions!) Perhaps my world is a li'l too small! (This would be worst.)

And of course any philosophy that is taught doesnt stay beyond a week... There has to be a need to follow that philosophy... It should make a significant difference to your life. A significant difference that you want and can see... And by default most of us are short sighted.

So, the questions are:
1. How to know if the spark is there?
2. How to find what it is?
3. How to ignite it?

And of course igniting one spark should not limit us to a flicker, lets go for a flame and a fire!!

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