Reality and the mirage.

Some interesting thoughts ran through my mind as I was standing at the edge of a terrace garden, looking at the dark clouds passing in the dusk sky, breeze flowing onto my face...

What happens if one tries not to do anything to obtain pleasure (neither instant nor deferred, thus disobeying the "pleasure" as well as the "reality principle")? How does one make choices about one's actions? Will the actions arising from the "discomfort avoiding principle" be effectively the same as the "reality principle"?

(Following is not for people with some affection towards me)

What if I come to know that I am going to die in 10 days/a month/a year from now? Will I change the course of my actions?

Meanwhile, my blog was tag-lined "pieces of a mirage" reflecting my earlier mental-state that I had denied myself a reality because I kept/am running after a mirage, and all that I am dealing with now are the pieces of that mirage... After some dose of Zizek baba it seems to me that what is, is reality and I am constructing the mirage because the reality has tricked my brain into creating the need for a mirage... Damnitt!

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