Beauty! Sounds like a deep philosophical idea, right? Specially, when you are looking at a clear dark sky, countless stars, a crescent moon and the Venus; just before the God of the east will command them to dissolve in his brightness. Divinely beautiful! I am captivated.

I come back and set to capture this beauty in words on my blog. And I stumble. I just cannot describe how beautiful it was. I cannot because I do not know why is it so beautiful? Or even, what do I mean by it is beautiful? I cannot define what I mean by beauty. Perhaps, I am too much influenced by the image that has been shaped by years of my nurture- that sky, those stars, the moon, the Venus. It has to be beauty.

And then I remember what I had talked with someone long back. Is beauty something that gives me visual pleasure? Just a physiological response! (Kill me, O! charming Venus!) Does it really matter? Does it somehow make it less beautiful? To understand that it might be a physiological response. Plain and pure pleasure!

Is this feeling any different than seeing the vehicle lights reflecting from poles on the road, steam from the hot cup of tea, the sunlight slowly pouring in or just thinking of this question- Why is it all so beautiful?

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