If I get a chance, Would I give any sort of ready-made equality to everyone?

Yes. I would like to make everyone free of survival as the reason to do anything. Anything but survival will do. Survival seems like such a cheap reason to do anything.

Do you remember the beggar on the signal who asks you for a rupee or a gajarewali mulagi who pleads you to buy one even when you dont want to or a chaiwala on the bus stand who wakes up at 4 in the morning or come closer- your son terribly studying because he needs good grades to survive in this 'bad' world or still closer- you doing extrawork in the office just to please your boss when you really would have been enjoying a hot coffee at your home.

What is common in these cases is they are all doing something that is forced on them- no choice you see. And the reason is a percieved danger to your survival. How realistic it is I have no idea. But it is a percieved danger.

Chillax kid. You might say. No need to make it so harsh. Thats Life! You might want to say just in case even you start seeing survival is a cheap reason. Makes you somehow uncomfortable, does it?

I deny accepting life like this. Are we living in THE fear? (Whatever happened to good ol' "Fuck fear, drink beer" btw.) The question is- can you refuse to live like this? Can the boy at the signal refuse to live like this?

Thats why I want to help you. (It is sounding cheaper than survival. Sometime later, I ll tell you whats in it for me) I want a world where everyone can chose how he wants to survive. You will have to take the trouble to find another reason to do things then. (Its not so easy at it sounds)
To start with- how about because you like something?


iammystery said...

Well, I think the very fact that most of us lead a life of fulfilling forced expectations is the groundwork like the matrix from which we need to emerge individually.We are social animals but are basically alone out here. Where's the fun if all of a sudden, ppl get up and realise there's equality all you think most would wag an inch of their you said in one of your prev posts that short sightedness is a common would still exist...does equality make a difference.Yes it does.but when it starts from scratch, from suffering, or certain handicaps whether social or personal, and when a certain individual gets a degree of personal belief 'fire' enuf to pursue what they truly dream of, it is then they overcome inequality in their own right. Your thought is indeed noble, but no two ppl are similar. Diff ppl @ various pts of their lives need different stimuli ( whether a single or a chain of)to realise that beauty lies in harmony with your own accord. Its analogous to electrons in different levels needing related degrees of energies for excitement.Therein lies the beauty of those myriad colours.And all of them are beautiful to the world.
I'm more an advocate of inspiration (being inspired) than of immediate equality.Personal realisation and initiative for pursuing creativity are a byproduct( an important one)of their experiences, favrble or unfavourable. jOy follows. The lotus buds but from the impure pond.Its an individual thing. We can only contribute.

saur said...

I completely agree with what you say, but I am afraid you missed the point.
It isnt about equality. (equality was a irrelevant start. sry.) Its about getting out of the fear of survival. Equality only in the sense of making everyone free of that fear.

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