We and the Indian Dream

Let me start not by the problems that we (henceforth by we I mean India, its people) are facing; but by where we dream to stand. The point being to momentarily forget that we have any problems and to start afresh to achieve this dream.

As I said, by any country what we mean is its people. Of course it includes a lot of other components, but ultimately what we want to achieve is a dream that its people see. So, the way to achieve the collective Indian dream is via achieving the dreams of all of its people. Now the question is, do we all have a dream? Does each one of us imagine himself standing somewhere ahead of where he is now? Do we want to change the way we are?

I think the answer is a little complex than a mere yes or no. The factors to be considered are individual thoughts and perceptions AND social and economical conditions AND professional section.

The needs and aspirations of any human are at 3 levels ( for a more accurate description google for Maslow and theory of motivation).
1. Most basic are the needs of shelter, food, clothes necessary to survive
2. Somewhat intermediate are the needs of emotional sharing and support
3. And then come the aspirations to achieve something more than that is necessary to merely survive.

To put this in the perspective of social and economic conditions-
1. Economically and socially weak class- A huge class of Indian population still striving to satisfy their basic level 1 needs.
2. A lower middle class- They have earned their survival and want to move into the upper middle class.
3. Upper middle class- In this socially and economically stable class I see 2 groups of people.
a. A group that is satisfied with survival and stability. There is no dream.
b. A group that has a dream. They may or may not know how to achieve it. But they are struggling.
4. Rich class- The group that either had a dream and they achieved it or they belonged to the established dynasties. Some of them want to expand their kingdoms and some just want to maintain them.

I hope now it becomes clear, that what we want to achieve as a nation is not a single goal as is usually portrayed. Each socio-economic group is driven by different dreams. The ground realities and issues invloved in achieving these dreams also depend on the professional sectors (agrarian, industrial, service) It would be foolish to expect all groups to work passionately towards a single dream.

In the replies that follow later, I ll try to explore the relation between the dreams of these different groups and how they depend on each other, how the current economic and political condition in the country and the world affects it and what is our role in all this.

Not so simple, is it?

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