Inspiring a Revolution

Why are we not inspiring people to challenge themselves with problems that they can solve with the power education is giving them? Why are we so obsessed with earning descent survival via money?

CAn we change this? Can we inspire people to bring a revolutionary change- in our society, in our human, relations, in science and technology to our lives?

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Scarecrow said...

Oh yes we can...
But thats theoretical talk..
Lets look at a few examples that made a difference to people and made them respond..

1. Movies like Rang De Basanti and Lage Raho..Munnabhai beought the people out, voice their opinion and get things done.
2. The terrorist attacks in Mumbai on 26th Nov finally made it. People woke up to the fact that it doesn't take much for a bullet to come whizzing out of nowhere and snuff your life out.

These are two cases that are diametrically opposite in their reason for inspiration. while one is "awe",if you know what i mean, the other was fear!

Simple talks of inspiration are going to be lost. People have to be hit hard with the news to elicit some response because mediocrity breeds mediocrity and that's ONE VICIOUS CIRCLE.

Go ahead tear my comment apart!

saur said...

you obviously have a point which i overlooked in the broad scheme of things.
we can always have mass scale and individual revolutions albeit transient ones. and I agree that this too could create some change.

But wouldnt it be amazing to transform everyone forever? thats what actually i had in mind. and we need to build this inherently. It shouldnt be an influence, it should be a permanent change in attitude.

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